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9 Things Torontonians Have Mixed Opinions About

Let's agree to disagree.

Photo cred – John O'Sullivan

With almost 3 million people living in this city, there are bound to be all kinds of different people with different views. While there are some things every Torontonian can agree on (brunch is love, brunch is life), there are many things we all have mixed opinions about.

1. Man Buns

This is a tough one, because you either love 'em or you hate 'em. I personally only like Leonardo DiCaprio's.

2. The Leafs

You're either a fan or a hater, there is no in-between.

3. Sitting in traffic during rush hour

Some people are calm and don't mind sitting in traffic. Some people are rage drivers and can't stand it.

Photo cred – Rough Tough, Real Stuff

4. Whether it's pronounced "Toronto" or "Turrono"

You don't pronounce the "T", damn it. Even Ben Affleck knows.

5. The cold weather

Can you believe there are actually people who don't mind -10 weather? Idiots.

6. Tinder

A lot of Toronto people are hot and don't need Tinder to find their latest bedroom buddy. Some people just use Tinder for pure entertainment with no serious intentions.

7. The Eaton Centre

It's great on early weekday mornings, but it's shitty on weekends or on Black Friday.

8. The TTC

I personally don't mind it – it does its job, and it takes me where I need to go. On the other hand, some people have a burning fury for the TTC.

Photo cred – Jude Freeman

9. Whether Toronto is the best city ever

Yes, yes it is.

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