There's no better feeling than walking into a cool washroom at a bar or restaurant and seeing kick ass lighting or artsy AF wallpaper. It's like your insta feed knew you needed a new mirror-selfie. There's an art to taking a mirror selfie that involves a few elements. Lighting, the pout, holding your phone just right and any other artsy touches that add to the appeal of your snap.

Toronto has a plenty of good lighting to share with all of you. From a bathroom break during a night out with friends, to a breather escaping a brutal date during dinner, this city has everything you need to head to the washroom and get a few extra likes on a new mirror-selfie.

Next time you're in the market for a mirror-selfie, check out one of these places:

1. d-bar Yorkville // 60 Yorkville Ave

Not only is their lighting on fleek, the whole restaurant knows what's up. Located in the Four Seasons, d-bar pays close attention to detail. You will be treated like family in and out of the washroom.

via @brklynforever

2. Locals Only // 589 King St W

The infamous flamingo wall. You know this washroom even if you haven't been here. If you're looking for a chill night, this is your place to be. Locals Only is equipped with not one, but two bathrooms that will get you your mirror-selfie.

via @natassia.murray

3. El Furniture Warehouse // 410 Bloor St W

You can always count on Warehouse for a nice snap. Great vibe with a classic pub-grub menu.

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4. Escobar // 495 King St W

Pablo loves you and the bathroom lighting. This new spot will satisfy your mirror-selfie needs. Not only do their washrooms rock, so does their food & drinks. Escobar is a new hidden spot that is already making moves in the Fashion District.

via @haylz_storm_

5. Otto's Bierhalle // 1089 Queen St W

The caption says it all! "Officially the most fun bathroom ever!" After a disco party in the bathroom, enjoy some German food and a long list of beers at Bierhalle.

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6. Patria // 478 King St W

From tapas to paella, Patria dishes out traditional Spanish cuisine in a stylish setting.

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7. OMAW // 88 Ossington Ave

Can't go wrong with a floor length mirror and black & white floors. Omaw's bathroom floors are just as cool as their food.

8. Oretta // 633 King St W

We have a thing with marble too... and the rest of the decor in this restaurant! From pretty pink walls to white marble walls in the washroom, Oretta's ambience matches their delicious Italian menu.

9. Apt. 200 // 1034 Queen St W

Repping MTL quite well, this bathroom was made for a photoshoot. From mirror-selfies to having a mini-photoshoot with the T.V in the bathroom hall, this place is ready to be featured on your insta feed.