The weekend is finally here, which means it's time to plan your Friday night antics. For those of you looking to grab a few beers while listening to some of your favourite music, you're in luck.

Toronto is home to all different types of bars that cater to all different types of music lovers!  Whether you're craving a night full of throwbacks or endless amounts of top 40, Toronto definitely has something to offer.

Cheers Toronto! 

Baby Huey's // 110 Ossington Ave.

This venue is a little on the smaller side, but it is definitely the perfect place to go for a weekend hangout. Grab your crew and head to Baby Huey's for a night full of cold drinks and great music!


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Rock n' Horse Saloon // 250 Adelaide St W

For those of you who are counting down the days until Boots and Hearts, Rock n' Horse Saloon is the perfect place to get your country music fix until then!


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The Dime // 538 Queen St W.

The Dime often has an amazing DJ that plays a mix of recent hip-hop in addition to old school 80's and 90's music. Trust us, it's the best combo out there.

Rebel // 11 Polson St.

This is Toronto's ultimate EDM powerhouse, so it is no surprise that it got this spot on our list.

Top 40 

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The Addisons Residence // 456 Wellington St W.

The Addisons Residence is one of the best places in the city to laugh, drink and hang out with your crew. Their playlists also never fail to impress and get everyone dancing.


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Sneaky Dee's Emo night // 431 College St.

If you're looking to mosh to your favorite My Chemical Romance and Pierce the Veil songs, this is your spot.

Spanish / top 40 

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El Convento Rico // 750 College St

El Convento is always a good time. You'll be able to dance to Pitbull with some of the craziest drag queens in the city, what could be better?!

Studio Bar // 824 Dundas St W.

Mowtown is a guilty pleasure for many of us, so be sure to get your fix at Studio Bar this weekend.

Silver Dollar // 486 Spadina Ave.

The Silver Dollar is the perfect place to catch some live (and usually local) music. Support your Toronto rockers at this vintage Toronto venue.

Bovine Sex Club // 542 Queen St W.

The Bovine Sex Club is the ultimate place to get tipsy off their iconic pineapple drinks and rock out to awesome live music!

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