Who run the world?  I think Beyonce already answered that question... but in case you weren't sure: GIRLS.

And our Toronto babes are no exception. From CEOs to business owners to lawyers to doctors, women can really do it all. In case you're a badass female who needs some job inspo for her future, or are just here to marvel at the amazingness of the female population, here are some ladies who truly excel at their badass jobs:

1. Jaclyn Genovese // Fashion, events and interior designer

Jaclyn Genovese is a force to be reckoned with on the Toronto scene. You can catch her partying at Lost and Found Mondays and then have her style your office to perfection on a Tuesday. Her brand, Jacflash, also features a clothing line that consists of modern, yet easily wearable pieces that any girl would love to own!

2. Rezz // DJ

20-year old Niagara Falls native Isabelle Rezazadeh, aka Rezz, has made a huge name for herself in the music world, playing all over North America, as well as Tomorrowland, a huge feat for any artist. Check out her SoundCloud here!

3. Hannah Fischer // Second Soloist @ The National Ballet of Canada

If you recently went to watch the ballet a "Winter's Tale", presented by the National Ballet of Canada at the Four Seasons Centre, you would have seen Hannah performing in the lead role of Hermione. Fischer has been a part of the National Ballet since 2012, bust she was just recently promoted to the position of second soloist. Congrats!

Photo cred - Facebook

4. Emily Lyons // Owner of Femme Fatale

Emily created Femme Fatale Media, a promotional model agency, back in 2009 and it has been thriving ever since. The agency prides itself on giving their clients models that have the perfect mix of beauty and brains, and clearly it's working: clients include top names like Warner Bros. Canada and Playboy.

5. Tran Pham// Owner of Scene Queen 

Tran Pham is a well-known blogger and Instagramer in Toronto, who also owns an event personnel agency by the name of Scene Queen. Scene Queen gives its clients the added bonus of social media services such as event web design, email blasts and social media blasts. The company has been present at major events such as Power Ball and Mastercard Fashion Week.

6. Sam Tobey // Cook @ La CARNITA

Who loves tacos? Everyone. Which is why everyone should love Sam Tobey, one of the awesome cooks at arguably the best taco spots in the city. A girl that's an expert taco maker is definitely wifey material. Not to mention she has some unreal tattoos including this avocado one.

7. Jessica Clara // Model @ Sutherland Models

Jess is familiar face all over Toronto, and has been in a number of campaigns and magazines. The model recently took a few months to explore the world and work in Shanghai. Wow!

8. Maxime Houde-Shulman // VP of talent management @ Hashtag Paid

Maxime Houde-Shulman is a young artist from Toronto who's urban fashion Instagram should definitely get a follow. She works with influencers all over the city to connect them with major brands such as Flow Water and Corona.

Photo cred- Instagram

9. Gillian Brown // Holistic health coach and yoga teacher

A healthy mind in a healthy body. If you need peace and adventure in your life : Gillian B is your girl! Followed by 11K people on Instagram, the yoga master is inspiring others to live green & healthy, and that’s badass.