We all know that Instagram is everything nowadays. If your profile is aesthetically pleasing and has the ability to catch a viewers eye - the social media account is killing it.

There are many local business' in Toronto that have become successful via Instagram. Whether it's fashionable clothing, breathtaking art or delicious food, their work has been recognized on social media.

Are you familiar with local brands? Let's take a look at these 9 Toronto local business' that are absolutely killing it on Instagram:

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1. Mr.Saturday // @heymrsaturday 

Mr. Saturday's Instagram is filled with inspiration and examples of unique clothing, art and vibes. Mr.Saturday, is not only a brand but it's also an art project and a movement. The apparel's first collection focused on denim, flannel shirts and custom made pants and the art is mainly made up of phrases painted on white canvas. Mr. Saturday's most recent project, The 'Kall me Kendall' shirts are flying, girls can't just can't get enough of them- take a look for yourself, on Mr. Saturday's Instagram page here.

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2.  Peace Collective // @peacecollective

Peace Collective's flagship store is located at Ossington and Argyle, and its' apparel has sure become a major hit in Toronto. You've most likely seen these graphic tees "Toronto Vs. Everybody" and" Home Is Toronto" all over the city whether it's at a sports game or a night club on King. Yanal Dhailieh, (the founder of Toronto brand) was able to recognize the pride in Toronto and display it on a minimalistic tshirt. Dhailieh's brand also believes in doing good for those in need and that is why with the purchase of every Peace Collective garment $4 is donated to Breakfast for Learning, a foundation that helps to feed a hungry child with two meals and a snack. PC's Instagram is super lit because as you can see, the profile vividly illustrates strong, Canadian pride throughout the whole page.

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3. TSOQ // @thestoreonqueen

If you haven't heard of The Store On Queen, you're seriously out of the loop. Fashion Buyer, Vava Valentina, and Fashion Designer, Angela Phung brought TSOQ to life shortly after they met in 2012. The two fashionistas have their own photo shoots on Queen West, and display their unique style and clothing on Instagram for their fans - no wonder they have almost 50 k followers on Instagram.

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4. Thank You Toronto  // @thankyoutoronto

Thank You Toronto has been killing it on Instagram since day one, because that's where the creative local brand was born. Before the apparel side came to life, Neil Wong (the founder) started off with an Instagram account that was posting beautiful pictures of the city, using the hashtag #thankyoutoronto. As the profile started evolving, it grew into something greater. It has now become one of Toronto's most popular caps and collections with members of the Jays, Raptors, and Leafs sporting it.The best thing is, with every item sold, they'll provide a meal in Toronto for someone in need.

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5. YO SOX // @yosox

Alright, so if you think your sock game is on point it's really not, unless you own a pair of YO SOX. These rad socks were founded by Ryan Cohen, a sock aficionado who pledges to make your feet fashionable and fun. You'll without doubt make a statement when you walk in the door wearing a pair of Yo Sox. Their colourful Instagram profile is definitely on point, with brand ambassadors such as Patrick Patterson of the Toronto Raptors modelling the coolest socks in the city.

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6. The Organic Press // @theorganicpresstoronto

You'll find the best cold pressed juice in the city at The Organic Press presented to you by founder Yash. The juices are made of organic fruits and veggies, that will definitely boost your immune system if you're not feeling 100%. The Organic Press Instagram page is almost like a rainbow, displaying the wide variety of plants and juices available at the store in Kensington Market.

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7. Illbury and Goose //@illburyandgoose

This brand defines what it means to be "entirely Canadian." Illbury and Goose portrays a lifestyle throughout its' apparel, by creating garments, accessories, and apothecary items with national symbols. We're loving their Instagram profile because you'll find the most Canadian photos ever, featuring Mountie officers, native illustrations, landscapes and animals - all of which represent the awesome country we live in.


8. The Ind_pendent // @ind_pendent 

Freshly baked pastries, aromatic coffee and a cozy atmosphere- everything a true coffee lover needs, can be found at The Ind_pendent. Owner Mustefa Jo'shen, created a very homey-like environment at the grab-and-go cafe, serving Hale coffee (a local supplier), organic tea and delicious sammies that are to die for. All these mouth-watering goodies are perfectly captured and posted on their Instagram page for you to admire and have you rushing to this exquisite coffee joint in no time.

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9. True True // @eattruetrue

Let's be honest, pizza makes everyone drool - that's why you should follow True True on Instagram. Their profile perfectly depicts the lip-smacking pizzas served at this super hip joint. You're free to experiment, choose topics for a pizza that will be baked in about two and a half minutes. Tim Gordon and Andrew Hay opened the ultimate pizzeria in Toronto that is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.