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9 Toronto Mirror Buildings To Check Yourself Out In

Toronto's skyline is magical. When we step off any balcony in our city, the view is pretty damn amazing. With high-rises everywhere and unique architecture scattered throughout downtown, there's something to look at wherever you are in the city. When you're running late to work or school, sometimes you can get a bit dishevelled. Well don't fret, because Toronto's buildings serve as a dual purpose.

Here are a few Toronto buildings that you can check yourself out in on your morning commute...

1. Royal Bank Plaza // 2 Gladstone Avenue

Way wayyyyyy up. Even the CN Tower has to check itself out sometimes.

2. Toronto Dominion Centre // 66 Wellington Street West

These cluster of buildings will have you seeing triple of yourself. 

3. CIBC Commerce Court West // 199 Bay Street

Want to grow a few inches taller? Check yourself out in this building.

4. Ontario Power Building // 700 University Avenue

Not only does this building reflect our beautiful city, you can take a peek in it too to see yourself.

5. Ryerson Student Centre // 55 Gould Street

Calling all students! Your tuition was put to great use. This spectacular building is the perfect mirror prior to seeing your crush in class.

6. One York // 1 York Street

This new building in TO is quite the sight. Check yourself out in it next time you walk by.

7. Aura College Park // 386 Yonge Street

Yup, we're into this kind of mirror. Check it.

8. Bay Adelaide Centre // 333 Bay Street

*Waiting to reflect your beautiful face* 

9. SunLife Financial Tower // 150 King Street West

This office building has beautiful long panels to check yourself out in.


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