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9 Torontonians On The Federal Election Issues They Care About And Whta They Want To See

The big day is soon approaching, Election Day that is! Canadians across the country are preparing themselves for October 21. On Monday, Canadians will vote for which party leader will be the future Prime Minister. For the next four years, Canada might have a change in government if Trudeau isn't elected for a second time.

But in order to see where the minds are at for many Canadian voters, Narcity hit the streets of Toronto to speak to nine people who are passionate about their country and want to make a difference with their vote!

Many people interviewed spoke about climate, affordable housing and equality as important issues that matter to them the most, and they all seem to agree, they want the future Prime Minister to handle these issues accordingly. All nine Torontonians interviewed agreed that they'd like the future PM to be more for the people and to take everyone into account.

Social services, basic rights and transparency as a government are also points that were made while speaking to the individuals interviewed. These Torontonians do not speak for all of the city but do give an insight as to what some young Canadians are thinking about in regards to the federal elections.

Find That Middle Ground

Waleed Syid, 20, Scarborough, ON. Student.

“What I’ve been noticing that one party either values money more than social issues or it’s the other way around. The most important thing for me is finding that middle ground because I feel like there [are] two extremes and the middle ground is shaky as well. Just finding the balance between the two and understand who represents what I want in my tax dollars and what I want in my community. I just think that the leader Andrew Scheer has some very questionable things that he’s said in the past and voted for like whether it’s the same-sex marriage thing that came out and the abortion as well, it’s just like that’s just insane. Try to be more aware of what everyone around you believes and instead of just accommodating your own personal beliefs of a minority, maybe look for what’s the middle ground for everyone.”

Equality For All

Jes Mason, 19, Toronto, ON. Student.

“I think climate change is definitely a big issue that’s on young people’s minds right now, the pipeline Trudeau funding that was upsetting, to say the least, but also economic inequalities are definitely a big problem—those are the biggest concerns. It’s hard to say but both the Green Party and the NDP, I’ve considered voting for but I’ll probably end up voting for the NDP just because of their stance. If I could say anything to the candidates, I would say: Climate change is real, women’s rights matter and get your stuff together.”

Basic Human Rights Should Be Taken Account

Keith Hunter, 57, Downtown Toronto, ON.

"For me, environmental seems to be becoming an issue all of a sudden because it makes sense, it’s the most important thing right now so let’s deal with the issue. Elizabeth May, the Green Party would be best to tackle this issue but I would always vote Liberal because I understand my gay rights better than anybody does but I wanna let her know that she’s got some support out there."

Social Services Need More Funding

Emily Derouin, 21, Downtown Toronto, ON. Social Worker.

“It’s always like pro-choice rights, my body rights because I think that’s becoming very prominent with influence from the U.S. I think NDP can tackle this issue and honestly, I’m not a big fan of Trudeau right now. For people and parties I think are off base would be Andrew Scheer and Bloc Quebecois. But my question to all the candidates is, 'How do you plan to fund social services?' Because I know that’s always a huge issue depending on the leader that’s elected. I’m in social work so I’d like to see more walk-in clinics and more fundings for mental health so I want to know how they’d fund that and what they would fund more. Don’t mess it up.”

We Need A Transparent Government

Alex Balkaran, 22, Toronto, ON. Bartender.

"Health care and education, both of those things are obviously important. Canada is known for having one of the best health care so I hope that our education is up there as well but right now, especially in Ontario with the provincial government, begs concern. Although education and health care are provincial problems and not federal issues, it's still something that the federal government has to pay attention to. For me, while I'm not necessarily against Conservative, I am against Andrew Scheer and I don't think he was the ideal candidate to run for the Conservatives. My biggest issue right now is the governments' involvement with the court system. The legal system is supposed to be separate but seeing as, with SNC Lavalin, like Justin Trudeau and his government interfered with the court system is something that’s supposed to be completely separate. If we don’t have like an honourable court system then what do we really have and what’s going to hold everyone to a certain standard if the government is going to interfere with what’s happening in that."

Education Privatization Doesn't Help

Arianne Pusung, 25, Scarborough, ON. Parkinson's Research Technician.

"The policies regarding education, more specifically, the cost of post-secondary studies and student loan repayments are issues that are important to me. I support policies like those of the NDP and Liberal parties that eliminate or reduce the interest rates for student loans. I also support parties that strive to reduce the overall cost of post-secondary education to make it more affordable. Unlike the Conservative party, I don't think moving towards privatization of education is the best idea for our country. Privatizing education further perpetuates the problems of marginalized groups. Rather than just asking politicians what their platform or stance is, I'd like to ask them how they'll put their plans into action. A goal without a plan is just an empty promise. More than anything, I want the next Prime Minister to be genuine and transparent."

More Affordable Housing For Canadians

Daniel Valente, 22, North York, ON. Operations at Lifetime Fitness.

"Affordable housing opportunities for people looking to buy their first home and the environment are issues that matter to me. Housing affects me and many more people my age who are now at the age of needing to buy a home. The environment issue just affects the entire world. When it comes to housing, I think the Conservatives and Liberals both have some interesting ideas. The Liberals have an aggressive stance with environmentalism which I believe is well needed at this point. I think I just want a prime minister that does their duty for Canadians but tries to stay out of the spotlight. With a wave of populism sweeping across North America, it’d be nice to just see a leader lead his country without controversy always being in their shadow."

Cut Back On Unnecessary Taxes

Michael Alday, 32, Scarborough, ON. General Manager.

"I'd say the housing issue, affordable housing is hard to come by. I’m still living at home so trying to buy a place and everything is hard, especially with all these extra taxes on top so everything needs to be cut back and make it a little affordable for everyone. I think the NDP would be the [smartest] about it cause they’re more ‘for the people’ kind of thing but I’m more Liberal. Maybe I’m biased but Conservative cause they’re all about the rich people of the one percent, trying to get that tax break for them. I think candidates should actually listen to the people. Listen to what the people have to say, knock on the doors and actually do the work. Be the voice for the other people!”

Let's Help Fix The Environment

Brent Huras, 32, Toronto, ON. Personal Productivity Coach.

“Climate change, it’s the one thing that we really need to get our stuff together for. I like, for example, how Elizabeth May like her whole platform as far as I can tell is just like ‘Let’s get our shit together with the climate'. If we could get her in place, and if we could start doing a good job, then we can actually set an example for other countries too if they want to go a similar route. Like for example, Andrew Scheer, and his values are probably the least aligned with my own at this point but I get where he’s coming from. If we’re willing to really adopt each other's perspectives and benefit from each other's perspectives then I think we would stand the best chance of creating the best politics that would promote the most wellness in the country and [on] the planet.”

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