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9 Unique Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Toronto

A little rain never stopped anyone.

Toronto's weather has always been known to be ruthless, but it's been especially unforgiving as of late. Although Spring officially started about a week ago, our city is still plagued by chilly temperatures and gloomy weather. In fact, various weather reports predict that Toronto will experience random bouts of rain (and even snow) throughout the next few weeks...

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But no rain or snow can stop Torontonians from having a good time. Here are 9 things to do in Toronto on a rainy day:

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1. TIFF Film Reference Library // 350 King St W

In the mood for a movie? Skip on the Netflix and visit the TIFF Film Reference Library instead! It is the world's largest resource for Canadian film, international film and film-related materials and it is available to anyone. Choose from over 11,000 film and TV productions to view in one of their four viewing areas.

2. Jewel Envy // 151 Marion St

A rainy day usually sets the perfect atmosphere for an arts and crafts activity. At Jewel Envy, you can learn how to make your own custom jewelry in their dedicated studio space. The staff holds weekend introductory workshops to jewelry making as well as various evening classes. See their website for more details.

3. Beach Blast // 15 Leswyn Rd

You can still plan a beach day even if the weather isn't cooperating! At Beach Blast, you can enjoy a beer while playing a game of beach volleyball in their 50,000 square-foot facility. Weekend drop-ins are held almost every week, with an admission fee of $17 after tax.

4. 3DPhacktory // 1134 Dundas St E

Rain can often get the creativity flowing. 3DPhacktory is a 3D printing in design studio where you can make your ideas come to life. You can turn literally almost anything 3D, and their professional staff of designers are also available for $50/hr if you prefer to be consulted during your session. See their website for more details.

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5. Nanopod Studio // 322 Harbord St

Nanopod Studio is a shop dedicated to the manipulation of metal and glass. They offer various metal and glass workshops where you'll learn how to create all sorts of cool things, from decor to wearables. The venue also doubles as a taxidermy studio, and offers workshops for those who may be interested.

6. The Wine Butler // 100 Bridgeland Ave

Wine is the perfect accompaniment for a day spent indoors. At The Wine Butler, you can create your own wine and get involved in the entire process, from the yeasting to the bottling. After 6-10 weeks, you'll be able to pick up your wine and bring it home in your own bottles. See their website for more information.

7. The Wave Pool // 5 Hopkins St

Get yourself ready for the summer with Richmond Hill's wave pool. The facility has everything from a 160 ft. water slide to lounge chairs and an on-deck sauna. Aqua fitness, lane swimming and leisure swimming are also available at this location.

8. Defcon Paintball // 3550 Victoria Park Ave

Put down your PS4 controller and head over to Defcon Paintball, where you can get some real shooting in! The indoor facility has obstacles set up for you that will get you working out your tactical side.

9. Pursuit OCR // 444 Dufferin St

Indoor playgrounds aren't just for kids. Pursuit OCR is a 10,000 square foot facility that houses 19 obstacles as well as a cryosauna. Get a work out in while having a whole lot of fun! Passes go from $20, but more detailed pricing can be found here.

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