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9 Ways To Relive Your Childhood In Toronto

There are many things we miss about our childhood because life was so much easier back then. It was all fun and games, we were taken care of by our parents and went on amazing field trips at school.

As kids we had no responsibilities and no commitments. We would go to school, do homework but everything else was plain and simple.

You didn't have work, pay bills or pass courses in school that will determine your career.

Are you tired of being an adult? Is your boss being hard on you and exams are driving you insane? That means it's time to distract yourself from the real world and escape back to your youth. Release your inner child and relive your childhood memories by going to these places in Toronto:

Photo cred - Charlotte Arnold 

1. Adult Colouring Workshop // 1214 Queen St W.

Remember how excited you'd get if there was free time to colour in class? Stop by the Gladstone Hotel and release your inner child at the Melody Bar. This entertaining, yet relaxing activity is offered every Friday from 5- 10 pm. Listen to live music during your colour sesh and have a $5 pint or $6 tall boy.

2. African Lion Safari // Cambridge,Ontario.

Cruise through Ontario's very own safari and see over 1,000 exotic animals from around the world. I'm sure many of you made your way to the safari at one point when you were young. If not, why not relive your childhood by going here? There are several other activities and events held at the park. Spend the day at the safari and reminisce your childhood days. Watch the elephant swim, check out the pet corner and have a picnic.

3. A playground for adults // 444 Dufferin St.

So much room for activities!!! I doubt McDonalds will allow you to use their playground anymore but POCR will. Pursuit OCR is an 10,000 sq.ft indoor adult only obstacle course that allows you to be a true kid at heart. You can come for a day to enjoy the obstacle course or take a variety of classes. Day passes cost $20 and 10 day passes are $150.

4. Go to a farm // Centre Island.

Meet barnyard creatures such as ponies,sheep,goats, chickens,rabbits, pigs, lamas and several other animals at Far Enough Farm. Admission is free!

5. Have yourself bathed // 602 King St.

Bath time was fun time when we were kids. Your parents would scrub you, wash your hair and bubble baths were the rage for a kid. If you've never experienced a Turkish bath, it's time to try it out. The traditional Hammam Turkish bath is an exceptional treatment. An attendant will wash, exfoliate and massage you while you're lying on a heated marble table inside a steam room. There will be an overload of bubbles!

Photo cred -@klincole

6. Explore a science exhibit // 770 Don Mills Rd.

Elementary school field trips to the Ontario Science Centre were one of the most exciting days for us as kids. Who said you can't go there now? The OSC is not only a place for kids, there are many activities and exhibits for adults as well.

7. Go to an amusement park // 9580 Jane St.

You most likely owned a seasons pass to Canada's Wonderland when you were a kid. Perhaps there are certain rides you were scared of going on and now as an adult you're ready to give it a try. Enjoy the thrill and spend a day at Canada's greatest amusement park.

8. Play arcade games // 1181 Dundas St W.

Games aren't just for kids, especially if there's booze involved. Why not mix both? Head on over to Get Well that is an arcade bar for adults.

9. It's Lego time // 1214 Queen St W.

The Gladstone hosts yet another amazing event for adults on Tuesdays for free! Lego+Lagers will transport you back into your youth, with a variety of Legos to choose from. Have a beer and assemble build your own castle, car, helicopter and other types of Legos.

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