9 Weekend Getaways Around Toronto For You And Bae

You don’t need to go far for some one-on-one time.
9 Weekend Getaways Around Toronto For You And Bae

Having a bae is really fun. They're your go-to hang out buddy, and since you're dating, you don't usually have to worry about them getting tired of you (otherwise why would you even be dating?!). With cuffing season in full swing, there is major romance in the air- making it the perfect time to plan a last minute getaway with bae!

Toronto and places around Toronto, have many great spots to spend some one-on-one time with your s/o. You really do not need to go too far, so check out some of these places with bae this weekend!


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While Niagara Falls may have a lot more of a night life, as a getaway with bae- it can seems a little overrated. Niagara-on-the-lake, however, is a much better alternative. With adorable, romantic inns for you to stay in, the vineyards, gorgeous trails, make the most of what's left of this location before the real cold weather hits. It is also home to the Shaw Festival, making it a year round destination!

Prince Edward County

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Take wine and dine to a whole new level in this county. There are plenty of vineyards here, and inns that pair nicely with them! Many of the hotels and inns are near or on a vineyard, making it very easy for you to get your wine on with bae and make it safely back into bed with them. Cuddle up with blankets for the colder nights, wine and cheese platter in hand and this will be one of the most memorable trips you will end up taking. This is also a highly recommended place to go glamping!


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Honestly, Hamilton doesn't get a lot of love. During the fall season, it is one of the most gorgeous places to visit! Put on your hiking shoes and hit the trails of Dundas conservatory, Tiffany Falls conservatory, and so many more; the waterfalls are plenty on their own too to keep you intrigued. Plus there's also historical sites like the Dundurn Castle and the Whitehern historic house. 

Thousand Islands

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Now that the super rain storms of summer have come and gone, you can really enjoy the Thousand Islands. Despite the cold weather approaching, bundle up with bae and take a breathtaking boat tour with bae. Then retreat to renting a cottage or inn by the lake- seeing as it's the off season, it shouldn't be hard to book either!

Bon Echo Park

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I am all for fall time camping trips. Located north of Kingston, this park is a stunning little retreat for you and bae. The trails to the famous Mazinaw Rock are pretty easy to navigate...and once you reach the end, the view is well worth it. Pitch a tent on the campgrounds, strike a fire and rekindle that flame with bae!

Shaw Creek, Caledon

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This romantic getaway isn't very far from Toronto! Hit up the Millcroft Inn, which used to be a textile mill, but is now a cute af rustic hotel that has the most perfect patio that overlooks the creek. Highly recommend taking this trip with bae ASAP. Forks of Credit is close by, so once again, lace up those hiking boots!

Blue Mountain

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This is a pretty well known getaway right outside of Toronto. While the trails and hiking spots in the area are stunning, the main attraction of course, is the Scandinave Spa. This is a year round getaway to say the least- plus in the winter time it has some of the sickest slopes around.


One of my favourite places by Toronto, is easily Muskoka. This area is surrounded by lakes, cottages, and little towns. Whether you rent a cottage, or an AirBnB, it makes for a great place to visit with bae. I highly recommend going the cottage route, with it being an off-season, it's easier on the wallet plus it add in an extra sense of privacy!

Stay-cation in the city

Why leave the city at all when there's so many hotels and AirBnBs in the city? Staycations are a fun way to explore Toronto with bae, and become a total tourist in your own city. Hit up some of Toronto's luxury hotels, order in room service, get in bathrobes and simply enjoy the company of bae while never leaving Toronto at all! 

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