A Teen Was Arrested For Stunt Driving & York Police Called His Mommy Right There (VIDEO)

His mom didn't know he'd taken the car. 😳
A 16-Year-Old Stunt Driver Was Arrested And Police Called His Poor Mom To Tell Her (VIDEO)

It sounds like someone might be grounded. Stunt driving seems to be all the rage in Ontario right now, despite how dangerous it is. And a recent incident saw York Regional Police arrest a 16-year-old stunt driver for going over twice the speed limit. YRP officers called his mom to tell on him, and she didn't even know the car was missing.

Reckless driving and aggressive speeding have been a running theme in Ontario over the last several weeks with roads far emptier than normal.

And YRP announced on Tuesday, May 12 that not only did they impound nine vehicles overnight on Monday for the offence, but they even caught a 16-year-old in the act earlier this month.

According to a police release, last week on Monday, May 4 at around 10 p.m., a speed enforcement officer noticed a car going 120 km/h in a 60km/h zone on Highway 7 in Vaughan.

The driver was found to be just 16 with a G1 driver's license and unaccompanied by a legal driver.

Not only did police arrest the teen, but they ensured he'd be in further trouble by phoning his mom. It turns out she wasnt even aware the car had been stolen.


In dashcam footage released by YRP from the officer's car, the call to the boy's mother can be heard. Police told her the car will be impounded for seven days.

The officer gave the boy the chance to call ahead and tell his mom himself, but he chose not to, presumably pretty mortified at what she was about to find out.

Ultimately, the officer called.

In fairness to her, the mom sounds stunned. "Wow!" she exclaims, before repeating it after a few seconds of silence.

This is just the latest incident of alarming stunt driving in and around the GTA.

While the age of this stunt driver was pretty remarkable, the speeds didn't compare to the pair of teens who were caught driving at an unbelievable 308 km/h over the weekend.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt even admitted he wasn't sure the photo of the radar gun was real or not when he saw it. We can hardly blame him.

Another incident a few weeks ago saw a driver's tire blow out while they were doing 271 km/h.

Perhaps more calls to teenage culprits' moms are needed as discouragement?