Toronto Police have just released the details about a scary incident in the downtown core on Friday. A 21-year-old woman named Cassandra Beckett-Benjamin was arrested and faces ten separate charges. 

In a news release, police allege that Beckett-Benjamin was driving in the Moss Park neighbourhood at 1:00 AM on Friday when she got into a verbal argument with a pedestrian, also 21 years old. The incident took place near the intersection of Shuter Street and George Street.

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The argument escalated and Beckett-Benjamin got out of her car, went to the truck and removed a shotgun. Police allege that she "pointed the shotgun at the pedestrian and began to shoot at the pedestrian." After the shooting spree, she put the gun back in the trunk and drove off.

Both the 21-year-old pedestrian and a 69-year-old cyclist got shot. Police say that both victims sustained non-life threatening injuries from the gunshot wounds.

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On Saturday, Toronto Police located Beckett-Benjamin's car and executed search warrants. They seized a "quantity of drugs, a large sum of money, and drug paraphernalia" during their search. 

At 3:35 AM on Saturday, Beckett-Benjamin was arrested. She's facing ten charges including attempted murder, assault with a weapon, discharge firearm with intent to wound/endanger life, possession of an unauthorized firearm, and various drug possession charges. 

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Beckett-Benjamin was scheduled to appear in court on Sunday morning at Old City Hall. 

To see the full news release provided by the Toronto Police Service, click here