It's no secret or surprise that the level of stress in a Canadian's life has risen dramatically in recent years. Statistics Canada even did a study on daily stress and found that 30% of people aged 15 and over admitted that most days they felt quite a bit or extremely stressed in their everyday lives. 

It's also a known fact that meditation and mindfulness practice can dramatically reduce feelings of stress which, judging by those numbers above, we could all really use. These types of activities might make us feel a little out of our comfort zones at first, but this brand new studio in Toronto wants to make you feel right at Hoame, literally that's their name! 

Hoame will be Toronto's new location for all your meditation and mindfulness needs and the inside looks so relaxing you'll never want to leave! 

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Hoame has officially opened it's doors at 430 Adelaide Street West in the heart of Toronto's Fashion District. They have a whole lot to offer here including light and dark room meditation classes, an infrared sauna, a Himalayan salt cave and a relaxing lobby with herbal teas! 

The meditation classes are either offered in their light room, which focuses on recharging and energizing your mind and body and their dark room meditation classes focus on restoration and relaxation. You can also choose a still or movement class in each room depending on what you're feeling like. Each room comes equipped with cushions, essential oils, premium elixir shots and cold/warm towels. 

In their Himalayan salt cave you can sit on a big comfy cushion surrounded by over six tons of pink salt wearing noise cancelling headphones playing relaxing, ambient music. Salt rooms offer tons of great health benefits including reduced stress and anxiety, relaxing the body, cleansing the skin and respiratory system and strengthening immune function. 

Their infrared sauna is all for sweating it out. You can sit in their comfortable sauna room with mood lighting, soothing music and even Netflix streaming while your body receives benefits like detoxification, stress reduction, relaxation, pain relief, skin purification and improved circulation! 

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Some of the pricing includes: single class 30 minute meditation for $23 and 60 minute for $28, a single 60 minute salt cave experience for $45, a single sauna session for 1 person for $55 and for 2 people $65. 

They also offer class packages of up to 10 for the meditation, salt cave and sauna experiences. The meditation classes also offer unlimted monthly class passes and private class bookings! 

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Check out their website for more information!