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A Campaign Was Just Launched To Keep Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors In Toronto Forever

The AGO has secured funding for the artwork and is asking Toronto to raise the rest.
A Campaign Was Just Launched To Keep Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors In Toronto Forever

Toronto loved Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors so damn much that the Art Gallery of Ontario just fronted the purchase to keep it in the gallery forever. The campaign is called InfinityAGO and the goal is to acquire one artwork from Kusama's popular exhibit, the Infinity Mirror Room.

To keep Kusama's mirrors in Toronto for infinity, the city is being asked to pitch a collective $1.3 million.  

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But, there are perks for those who donate. Donations of $25 or higher will get entry into the Infinity Mirror Room at the AGO in spring  2019 before it officially opens. Those who donate before November 5th will be entered for a chance to win a sleepover with 5 friends at the AGO, as well as exclusive entry to Kusama's famous mirrors. Donors who give over $100 will get a tax receipt. So, the incentives are pretty legit.

"The AGO is the first Canadian art museum to launch a crowdfunding campaign of this scale to acquire a contemporary artwork," the press release says.

InfinityAGO comes after the unprecedented success of Kusama's exhibit in Toronto. Even after extending their hours and selling more tickets than they ever thought possible, the AGO says that many people still didn't get the chance to see it. If this campaign is successful, not a single person in the city will miss out.

Toronto has 29 days to donate to InfinityAGO. You can also share your thoughts and join the conversation using the hashtag #InfinityAGO.

Source: NewsWire

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