Ripley's Aquarium is known for being a fun place to visit in Toronto that's educational, beautiful, and entertaining to people of all ages. While it's a great place for families to take their kids, this weekend there was an incident that was not very family friendly. 

According to Reddit, a man jumped into the shark tank at Ripley's Aquarium on Friday, October 12th. As swimming with the sharks wasn't shocking enough, the man did it butt naked

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The Reddit post initially described the man as "pretty intoxicated" before he stripped naked and jumped in the shark tank around 10:30 PM. He apparently did a couple of laps while swimming with the sharks as tons of onlookers took videos and photos. 

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The nudist shark swimmer was escorted out of the vicinity by security according to Reddit but it was unclear whether or not the Toronto Police became involved with the incident. 

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Pictures and videos of the incident have turned up on Twitter, Instagram, as well as a full video being posted to While the Canadian man clearly has a lot of guts to go skinny dipping with sharks this may not have been the best way to do it.