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A CBC Interviewer Roasted Doug Ford During An Interview And It's Just So Awkward To Watch

Well, it's official, Doug Ford is the leader of the PC party and Ontario politics are officially the Walmart version of the shitshow going on in America. Regardless of how you feel about Doug Ford going up against Kathleen Wynne for the upcoming election, you have to admit Ford is a little.. rough around the edges- especially when it comes to interviews. 

Naturally, an aggressive interviewer and aggressive interviewee make for a very awkward exchange for anyone to listen on.  Of course, that's exactly what happened when a CBC reporter interviewed Doug Ford just yesterday considering she opened up with the question "do you think you are Canada's version of Donald Trump?" 

Throughout the interview, the reporter continued to ask his thoughts on Donald Trump and whether he admired him to which eventually he grew more and more annoyed. Responding to the reporter's question on how he will make Ontario more efficient with "you haven't done it, I've done it that's the difference- next question" when she asked exactly how he would find efficiencies. 

If you want to cringe through the entire interview, you can check it out by listening to the playback provided above. What the interview tells Ontario residents for sure it that as usual Ford is off on the wrong foot with the media... again. And it will definitely make for an interesting turn of events during the election campaign for sure. 

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