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A Concerning Smell Forced An Air Canada Plane Out Of Toronto To Immediately Turn Back This Morning

Toronto flight to Winnipeg was forced to turn back due to plastic smell and smoke was spotted at the rear of the plane.
A Concerning Smell Forced An Air Canada Plane Out Of Toronto To Immediately Turn Back This Morning

An Air Canada flight that was bound for Winnipeg departing from the Toronto Pearson International airport at 10:30 AM this morning was forced to turn back only 15 minutes after takeoff after the Air Canada crew noticed a “burnt plastic smell” coming from the rear end of the plane.

Air Canada flight AC261was forced to return back to Toronto when there was a heavy smell of burning plastic throughout the aircraft and sightings of smoke coming from the back of the plane. 

The flight was forced to make an emergency landing at the Mississauga, Ontario Airport as soon as the smell was detected.

Emergency services were dispatched and waiting for the plane to land to inspect the issue. As soon as the plane was taxied to the gate for further inspection, the Toronto Pearson Fire was on the scene.

A spokesperson from Pearson reached out to City News about the issue, ensuring that, "The flight was met by our Fire and Emergency Services as a precaution. It landed without an incident and has been taxied to the gate,". 

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↩️ DIVERSIONAir Canada #AC261 to Winnipeg returning to Toronto immediately after departure. Reporting smoke in the aircraft. Landing 05. Emergency services dispatched. https://t.co/y3UZjcOu7S pic.twitter.com/HP7dgZxGw6

January 2, 2019

The plane contained 126 passengers on board and 5 crew members who all landed safely. 

Pearson Airport told 680 CJOB that the flight is scheduled to take off later today.

This isn't the first time that Air Canada flights have had to emergency land. Throughout 2018, there were multiple cases of Air Canada flights having to turn back for various reasons. 

In March, Air Canada Flight AC7618 was heading from Toronto to Washington D.C. when it was forced to make an emergency landing after one of the captains announced that there was smoke coming from the cockpit. 

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While in December,  Air Canada flight AC223  departed from Calgary on Christmas Eve when it was forced to turn around after one of its engines had failed. 

Passengers on board alerted the crew when they saw what looked to be like fire coming from the left-side engine when the flight immediately turned back to Calgary where it landed safely. 

Source: Global, CTV