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A Definitive Ranking Of The Oddest Animal Appearances On The TTC In Toronto

Raccoons, squirrels and crabs, oh my!
A Definitive Ranking Of The Oddest Animal Appearances On The TTC In Toronto

The TTC can definitely be an interesting place to say the least, no matter what time of day you're riding. Though, if you thought we were just talking about some of the interesting characters you might run into while riding the lines, you couldn't' be more wrong. It turns out a lot of animals like to use the subway to get around the city too - and we're talking about a lot more than just dogs and cats! 

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Here's a definitive ranking of the oddest animals spotted on the trains throughout the city. From aquatic animals to woodland friends, it's safe to say the TTC has definitely seen it all! 

Toronto moment of 2017: Racoon causes a delay on the

December 8, 2017

#5. Raccoon #1 (because yes, there is more than one on this list). 

At this point, raccoons might as well start paying taxes. From destroying your garbage cans and fighting your cat to now riding the subway, the four-legged fiends just won't stop. That includes riding the subway without paying the fare because of course he wouldn't- he's a raccoon, he doesn't have pockets.

Continuing my list of highlights for 2016. 6. That time Rocky Raccoon stopped by my office after his GO train ride (banished from Hamilton)

December 29, 2016

#4. Raccoon #1's boujie brother

Not to be mistaken for the previous raccoon, because this raccoon doesn't ride the subway, he's classy. GO train only for this guy and he takes it straight to Hamilton because that's obviously where you can find the best trash bins.

#3. Better known as the dove's broke cousin: The pigeon 

It's pretty shockingthat, of all birds smart enough to know exactly when to get off at a subway stop, it'd be a pigeon. While it's still up for speculation as to how the pigeon managed to get underground, down the stairs and into a subway car in the first place, it happened. It's also slightly concerning that we really don't know if that pigeon ever got out from underground.

A squirrel was spotted riding the subway in #Toronto

September 17, 2018

#2. The squirrel 

The most recent animal spotting happened earlier this week, but it shouldn't be confused with the havoc-inducing squirrel we heard about last week. The little guy was clearly a baby, so we can only hope it got out okay - but clearly, everyone in the car was just as spooked as the squirrel was! Though, I'm pretty divided on whether the squirrel or the woman who picked it up like a chihuahua is more surprising.

Via imgur

#1. Attack of the Crabs 

Yes, the TTC did at one point have crabs. Don't worry, we are talking about the aquatic kind- though that doesn't necessarily feel anymore comforting. It all came about when a man boarded one of the subway cars and proceeded to place his crabs on seats throughout the car, one for each crab.

When a woman went to sit and saw a crab, she freaked out and swiped at it, and it apparently ended up in someone's lap. The owner called it "crab assault" but at this point, it just seems like a regular Tuesday night on the TTC.

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