Picture yourself travelling from the Danforth to Evergreen Brickworks in an enclosed gondola suspended high in the air by a network of cables. Such system could be the next big thing to anticipate in Toronto, with new updates to the Don Valley Cable Car project revealed earlier this month.

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Evergreen Brickworks collaborated on this project with Bullwheel, a cable car production company, and they are now moving on to the next stages after a year of crowdsourcing. The team is now in the middle of finalizing proposals to present to investors and the city.

They plan to build a kilometre-long cable car network, with gondolas that would carry up to 10 people. The estimated cost of the entire project totals at around $25 million.

Evergreen Brickworks and Bullwhell have mentioned that they hope to begin construction before 2020, after all of the administrative processes are completed.

Note: Cover photo is of a gondola system in London, England.