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A Driver Jumped Out Of His Car To Attack A Cyclist In Toronto And The Story Is Wild (VIDEO)

The incident happened on Yonge Street in broad daylight.
A Driver Jumped Out Of His Car To Attack A Cyclist In Toronto And The Story Is Wild (VIDEO)

Biking around in Toronto is already stressful with such hectic traffic and many cars on the road. While some roads offer bike lanes many smaller streets don't offer safe lanes for bikers to be separated from cars. 

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An incident occurred earlier this June that was captured by another cyclist. A driver literally got out of his car and ran up to a cyclist to slap him in the face and scream at him. 

While there is no audio to hear what was said, it's very apparent that the driver yells at the cyclist after he shoves him to the ground. This all happened on Yonge Street just north of College Street, a very busy part of the downtown core. 

There are multiple reasons as to why this is dangerous. Not only is the incident of criminal behaviour, being shoved into traffic on the largest street in Canada is even worse. 

@charlie_foxtrottingembedded via  

Toronto is currently facing a crisis when it comes to pedestrian-cyclist injuries and deaths. The city's mayor, John Tory, put a program called VisionZero in place two years ago to reduce these kinds of incidents, yet Toronto is on trend to have a record-breaking number of incidents this year. 

Rang my bike bell at a motorist about to door me on College. He opened his door anyway and yelled, "I DON'T CARE! FUCK YOU!" basically summarizing the current war on cyclists/pedestrians in Toronto. #VisionZero #bikeTO

June 14, 2018

In 2018 alone Toronto has had 18 pedestrian deaths and four cyclist deaths. Torontonians have been holding events across the city, such as the die in front of City Hall event and ghost ride to honour one of the late cyclists. 

Cyclists stage mass die-in outside Toronto City Hall #biketo #toronto

June 15, 2018

Tensions are surely hot between drivers and cyclists in the city. Just because your blood is boiling does not mean it's okay to put the lives of others in danger. 

Source: CBC

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