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A Funnel Cake Spot Is Opening Up In Toronto

Dreams do come true.

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING: Toronto is getting a funnel cake restaurant

Yes, that's right. You will soon be able to get deep fried goodness any time you want! No longer are we just confined to funnel cakes when we got to the CNE or Wonderland, but instead can be indulge whenever our little hearts desire. 
via @funnelcakeexp

Previously a mobile food stand, that could be found at various festivals,  Funnel Cake Express is set to move in at 8 Wellesley St. E, beside Wellesley station (perfect for commuters looking to satisfy their sweet tooth). 

via @funnelcakeexp

There is no word yet one when the store is opening, but keep you eyes pealed. Not a fan of funnel cake? They will also have variety of deep-fried cookie dough and deep-friend butter...yes, you read that right...DEEP.FRIED.BUTTER. Prepare your bodies, people...