Gas prices in Ontario have definitely been a hot topic in the province over the past year. So much so that earlier in the year, there was a planned country-wide gas protest aimed to lower gas prices.

Fortunately, seeing as gas prices have continued to rise as of late, it seems that the government is finally taking action on behalf of Canadians who are, at this point paying, an arm and a leg to fill their cars. 

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'The Fairness in Petroleum Products Pricing Act' was brought to light in parliament by Timmins MPP Gilles Bisson earlier in the year. The bill is aiming to let the Ontario Energy Board be the judge on gas prices and to help regulate and control the market from spiking on weekends. As well as just an overall reduction in the unfair markup Ontarians are seeing throughout the province. 

Gilles Bisson outlined Ontarians' gas problem perfectly when asked by CBC as to why this is such a big concern and why he's so devoted to the cause: 

"You'll leave Timmins and you'll drive down 144, go through Sudbury get into 69 and eventually down to the 400, and you'll see as much as 10 to 15 cents a litre difference, depending on where you are."

A similar bill had actually been brought to the table by the Timmins MPP while the Liberal party was in power but had been shot down. Though, at the time, Bisson noted that many Conservatives were for the idea, so he hopes that those same people will help bring the bill to life. Especially considering one of Doug Ford's promises was a considerable reduction in gas prices. 

Thankfully as of right now, the bill is making progress with regards to getting passed and has made it's way to Queen's Park where it will ultimately be up to the Conservative party as to whether it goes through or not. We can only hope at this point that the bill will go through and we'll finally see some reasonable prices per litre in the near future. 

Source: CBC Canada