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A Giant Snake Showed Up In Toronto And It's The Fourth Found In Ontario This Year

A boa constrictor was found in Toronto around Don Valley Park this weekend.

What is happening in Ontario right now? For the fourth time this year, a massive snake was spotted out on the lose and this time it was found in an east-end park in Toronto.

A boa constrictor was found in Don Valley Park after being spotted several days earlier. A Torontonian had spotted the big reptile while out for a run in the park before telling their friend Mike Gray, who rescued the constrictor. 

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It’s being called a rare discovery: Mike Gray rescued a boa constrictor after days on the loose. But as @CityFaizaAmin reports, it's where he rescued the snake that has officials scratching their heads. https://t.co/rdipTDJc0W pic.twitter.com/sJZ3SDcHEi

September 29, 2018

The story was originally reported by CityNews Toronto and they confirmed with Mike Gray that he repeatedly went back to the park to check on the snake in efforts to save it. 

His reasoning? Gray told City that the boa constrictor had obviously been cared for and maintained considering the size of the snake. Since Toronto tends to get a pretty cold winter with wicked snow, he didn't want to see the cold-blooded snake freeze to death. 

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Good morning! #canada https://t.co/F3b4B4kj7y

September 22, 2018

While Mike Gray gets the ultimate animal lover title, it's creepy to think that these occurrences are happening quite often in Ontario these days. In fact, there were three separate occasions during the 2018 summer where snakes were found. 

One Scarborough couple woke up to find a giant snake in their apartment on August 15, while a ball python was found in Windsor at a recycling plant after being tossed in a blue bin on August 20. Another boa constrictor by the name of Murphy went missing in Ottawa on August 10th, so clearly it was a wild summer for snakes on the loose. 

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It's not totally clear why there have been so many snake sightings in Ontario this year but it's definitely getting creepy how often they are showing up.

Here's hoping that any Canadians living in Ontario aren't going to have a run in with more boa constrictors this fall. After all, it's not every day you expect to see a giant snake in the fall leaves. 

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