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A Herd Of Toronto Teens Staged A Mass Fare Evasion & Got Away With It (VIDEO)

The students were supposedly running from police.
Toronto Staff Writer
A Herd  Of Toronto Teens Staged A Mass Fare Evasion & Got Away With It (VIDEO)

If you live in Toronto and take transit, chances are you’re aware of the fact that TTC fare evasion is a big problem. Usually, it’s the city’s streetcars that get the worse of it, since it’s easy to hop onto one without paying. However, there are those bold enough to try to sneak on the subway from time to time, and by sneak, I mean plow through the gates with a herd of 20 other people.

A group of Toronto high school students were filmed this week pushing through the PRESTO gates at Runnymede station.

In the video, a large group of students can be seen laughing and running into the station before hopping over the barriers and by some miracle catching a train. 

The clip already has over 500,000 views on 6ixbuzz’s Instagram alone, with most of the comments suggesting that the kids were fleeing the scene of a fight after the police were called.

A similar incident occurred earlier this year after a group of teens was filmed tearing through the gates of a subway station.

In the video, a young man can be seen tapping his PRESTO card to open the gate before yelling out, “Morning!” As eight or more teenage males fall in behind him and proceed to enter onto the platform for free.

Narcity reached out to TTC spokesperson Stuart Green about the most recent incident. 

“The TTC takes fare evasion incredibly seriously. We know that, according to the auditor general for Toronto, it is costing us in the range of $60 million a year. That’s $60 million less to deliver service for our customers.”

“Let's be clear, though. Everyone who rides the TTC is expected to pay a fare. Scofflaws who brazenly try to ride for free risk a fine of $425. Some acts and repeated infractions can also result in provincial charges depending on the circumstances,” he added.

Green also mentioned that coordinated actions, like the ones committed by the students, are a rare occurrence but of no less concern. “If identified and caught, they face the same penalties as anyone else,” he concluded.

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