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A Harry Potter Themed Bar Crawl Is Coming To Toronto And Here's Everything You Need To Know

Between the release of the Cursed Child and the Harry Potter orchestra events that have been popping up around the city, it's clear that the city of Toronto is nowhere near over Harry Potter. Naturally, when there's a need in the city, someone out there is prepared to fulfill it and what came as a result in this situation was a Harry Potter Themed Bar Crawl! 

Via Eventbrite

Yes, it's very much real and it's happening this Summer, so no need to worry about fending off the colder weather. The event is also calling for bar crawlers to arrive in costume, so yes, you finally have a new use for your wizard wand and cloak that have been sitting in the back of your closet! There's even a prize for the best dressed so the crowd will surely be a spectacle! 

The event itself will be taking place on June 2nd, so you'll be able to crawl with fellow Potterheads in the peak of the city's Summer weather. In fact, it's running on June 2nd, the peak of warm city weather!

Starting off at The Fifth on Richmond Street, you'll venture to four different bars in the city hosting Tri-Wizard themed challenges- and with your bar crawl wrist band you'll be able to enjoy exclusive drinks inspired by the franchise before attending the Yule Ball after party! 

If you are more than ready and have already called all your friends to arrange plans, you'll want to act quick considering the current price for a ticket, being $25, goes up another $10 on April 1st! For more information and tickets, you can click here

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