A Harry Potter Themed Brunch Restaurant Is Opening Up Near Toronto

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is coming to Ontario!
A Harry Potter Themed Brunch Restaurant Is Opening Up Near Toronto

Recently, Netflix Canada added the last 4 Harry Potter movies and gave us an excuse to relive our childhood favourite again. If you think like me then you probably found another place to watch the first 4 before switching over to Netflix to get the full Harry Potter movie marathon experience. 

We all wish we could escape to the wizarding world of Harry Potter and experience the magic for ourselves but with many fan recreations around the world, we actually can! From bars and restaurants to theme parks and magic shops, Harry Potter themed spots are located everywhere. Now a brand new brunch restaurant and cocktail bar is opening up and it's just outside of Toronto! 

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Via Lumos and Nox

The brand new brunch restaurant and cocktail bar will be called Lumos and Nox: Breakfast House & Chamber of Spirits aptly named because Lumos means light and Nox means dark in Latin! This spot is opening up in Guelph, Ontario which is just a 1-hour drive from Toronto! 

While they haven't released many details yet we know they're planning on creating some really fun things that will mimic the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter! They've made Guelph 'houses' just like Hogwarts Houses, they'll have themed decorations, and fun interactive eats. 

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Via Harry Potter

They haven't released their full menu or their opening date yet but they've been hinting on Facebook since November that they're opening soon. They wrote a post in mid-December that they were close to announcing their opening date and clearly, everyone is following very closely to see when they do. 

You can expect some magical cocktails and enchanting brunch eats that are totally worth the drive to Guelph! Consider this your formal invitation to attend. 

Via Harry Potter

Check out their Facebook page for more information and updates on their opening date! 

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