A Harry Potter Themed Murder Mystery Experience Is Coming To Ontario Next Month

The event will only cost $10 per person.
A Harry Potter Themed Murder Mystery Experience Is Coming To Ontario Next Month

If you're a Potterhead, you are going to be stoked on this news. There's going to be a Harry Potter themed murder mystery party happening in Ontario next month! There will even be a Hogwarts themed escape room at the event. 

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The "Murder on the Hogwarts Express" will take place on November 2nd in Vaughn, Ontario, which is only an hour drive from Toronto. It's going to be an after-hours event for people aged 18 and over. 

The organizers of the event say on the ticket page that it will be "an evening filled with magic and mayhem as Hogwarts plays host to an after-hours murder mystery! Represent a character, support your favourite house, meet magical creatures and much more".

Murder on the Hogwarts Express will take place at the Civic Centre Resource Library in Vaughn on Friday, November 2nd. The event will run from 7 PM to 10 PM. 

For the murder mystery party, each participant will be assigned a character and role to play. It will be set in 1929 in Hogwarts and people will get to decide which character they want to play and how involved they'd like to be. People are even encouraged to dress up to get more into the occassion, though it is not mandatory. 

Aside from the murder mystery experience, there will also be other Harry Potter inspired activities. For puzzle and game lovers, there will be a Hogwarts themed escape room called The Room of Requirement and also a Quidditch Pitch with life-size games, such as Connect Four, Rig-A-Ma-Gig and Math Winder.

No event is complete without food and drinks, and this one is no different. There will be a themed snack station and also a Potions station with a variety of drinks including teas, hot chocolate, fruit infused waters.

There will be other stations at the event such as a Transfiguration station where there will be Animal Origami, a Defense Against the Dark Arts watercolour station and a Muggle Studies button making station for you to make one-inch buttons for keepsakes.

This event is not even going to cost you much–tickets will be just $10 each or you can get two tickets for $15. Tickets have not been released yet but you can check out the ticket page here. They will go on sale on Friday, October 12th so mark your calendars!

To find out more information about the event or to buy tickets when they are released, you can visit the ticket page here

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