Canadians may be used to sweating it out in the middle of the summer but it looks like temperatures are on the rise for Ontario's capital and it's going to be hotter than what we're used to.

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Environment Canada just issued a heat warning advising Torontonians and people living in the southern parts of Ontario that this week will be a hot one. The city's medical officers have also announced a separate warning that will be in effect until the temperatures drop.

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Temperatures are expected to sit around 30 degrees Celsius at the beginning of the week, which could be dangerous to people spending a lot of their time outside. The issue it the humidex, which will drive temperatures past the high 30s, into what will feel like 40 degrees Celsius weather. 

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Torontonians were reminded by officials to ensure that they're resting in the extreme heat and staying hydrated. There are swimming pools, shopping centres, and beaches across the city that are available to the public, as well as 180 air-conditioned community centres that are open. 

Extreme heat can be dangerous for those who have existing health conditions and the elderly. The city of Toronto has set up multiple cooling stations as well and the homeless population is also encouraged to get inside to cool down in the air-conditioning. 

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The good news? A cold front will be coming through the province on Tuesday, bringing the weather back down in the 20s range, which is considered normal for an Ontario summer. 

While the heat is definitely better than frigid snow, now is not the time to put your life in danger just to catch some rays. Make sure you're drinking water and looking out for your safety in the sun! 

Source: Government of Canada, City News Toronto