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A Herd Of Jelly Bean-Sized Baby Seahorses Were Just Born At Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley's Aquamarium just welcomed a new herd of baby lined seahorses.
A Herd Of Jelly Bean-Sized Baby Seahorses Were Just Born At Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley's Aquarium is already one of the hottest spots to visit in Toronto but it just got even better. To ring in the new year, the aquarium just welcomed an adorable herd of baby seahorses. The herd of seahorses, which are each only the size of a jelly bean, were born early in the morning on January 1st, making them some of the first babies of 2019. 

The super tiny seahorses are scientifically known as Hippocampus Erectus but their more common name is lined seahorses, for their slight striped colouring on their tiny bodies. When they're fully grown they can be anywhere from 12 to 17 centimetres long depending on their gender. But the new little babies are only a tiny fraction of that size at around 1 cm right now. 

They may only be one day old right now, but the little babies have a pretty long life ahead of them, at least as far as seahorses go. On average, lined seahorses can live anywhere from one to four years. In captivity, at places like Ripley's, this is almost always the full four years. 

This bodes really well for anyone hoping to get a glimpse of the brand new baby seahorses, which will be going on display sooner than you think! Despite still being pretty fresh, the aquarium announced that the seahorses will be available for public viewing later this month. 

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The new babies will join a number of other species in what Ripley's calls their juvenile in-house bred species group. This includes a number of aquatic animals like sharks, clownfish, and other fish that are bred and birthed on site at the aquarium.  

The new baby seahorses were also born on site at Ripley's but unlike the other species born there, these seahorses were carried by their dads. The male seahorses have a special baby pouch on their front used to carry the seahorse babies before birth. 

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Ripley's didn't announce how many little baby lined seahorses were born this New Years, but they did say that the males can carry up to 2000 little babies. So there could be thousands of little jelly-bean size seahorses for you to visit at the aquarium this winter. 

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