Asian food has quickly become a favourite international cuisine in Canada. We can't get enough sushi, Chinese food, Korean bubble waffles, matcha ice cream and literally so much more. 

Almost everywhere you look in Toronto you'll see an Asian restaurant with a lineup out the door because their cuisines are just that good. It's no surprise that there's an entire festival dedicated to Pan-Asian food which basically just means food from various Asian countries. 

The Waterfront Night Market is hosted by the super popular Asian grocery store called T&T and is held right on a prime waterfront location every year. 

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The Waterfront Night Market is happening from August 10th-12th and you can find it at Toronto's Ontario Place this year since they're expanding it to be bigger and better than last year's event!

This night market is incredibly popular and is actually one of the largest in all of Ontario! You can expect tons of Toronto's best Asian restaurants showing up to the event this year like they have in the past. The event is completely free to enter but you'll have to pay extra for any food or drink you want to enjoy while you're there and remember to bring cash!

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There's such a huge variety available at this night market with everything from drinks inside hollowed fruits, BBQ octopus, and Thai tea in baggies to ube ice cream, raindrop cakes, potato tornados and sooo much more! 

Some of the vendors you might recognize that have showed up in the past years include Platito Filipino Soul Food with their ube ice creams, Thai Iced Tea with their unicorn floaty iced teas, Formocha with their delicious wheel cakes, The Alley with their galaxy bubble teas and so much more!

The Waterfront Night Market hasn't released any info yet on which vendors will be participating for sure this year, but you can expect some insanely unique and delicious foods like every other year. 

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Check out their Facebook page for updates on the event.