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A Lamborghini, McLaren And Porsche Collided In Yorkville Causing More Than $800,000 In Damages (VIDEO)

Car accidents are among the most common accidents to occur in everyday life. Though I've carefully avoided getting into any tricky driving situations, it's all too common that people end up damaging their vehicles. 

When it comes to life in Toronto, bumper to bumper traffic is a regular part of drivers commuting. Yet with so many people on the road, it's very stressful to think about how much it may cost if you were to get in an accident. 

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In a recent online video, not only two but three luxury cars ended up in a fender bender in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood. Talk about an expensive drive in the city! 

Via moseychuk

Via moseychuk

The cars involved were a yellow Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, alone costing $500,000 CAN, a white McLaren 650S Spider, costing $250,000 CAN, and a black Porsche 718 Boxster, at another S90,000 CAN. Combined this accident scratched up over $840,000 worth of luxury vehicles. 

Via Alex Moseychuk

Nothing is worse than having to take a trip to the auto shop but when the repairs are on a car that's worth more than the average Canadian salary, you know it's a bad day! 

Click here to see the full video. 

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