A List Of All The Best Shows and Movies Filming In Toronto This Fall

Here are the current TV shows and films that are shooting in Toronto right now!
A List Of All The Best Shows and Movies Filming In Toronto This Fall

Toronto may be Ontario's capital but the city should be known for more than just it's national title. As Torontonians know our city has tons of amazing secrets, like unique dining experiences and one of a kind tourist attractions.

Now, the city of Toronto is getting another reputation internationally and the rumours are starting in Hollywood. The city has become a popular spot to shoot Netflix' newest series or an upcoming Oscar-winning movie

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In fact, the change in seasons has brought a ton of production teams to the city to film upcoming projects. What makes Toronto so appealing is that for a big city it has a ton of unique neighbourhoods that are perfect to mimic any plot line.

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Whether you're looking for little Italy, Chinatown, or an old-timey village. Plus, it's always a bonus that the Canadian dollar is lower than the American creating a little extra room in the budget. 

Without further ado, here is a full list of the all the films shooting this fall in Toronto: 

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In The Tall Grass - Movie 

Originally a Stephen King novella,In The Tall Grass tells a story of a brother and a sister who hear a strange noise while driving through Kansas before they realize they may be lost in the field forever. Not only is this film shooting in Toronto, but they also filmed just outside of Justin Bieber's hometown of Stratford Ontario earlier this summer. 

Baroness Von Sketch Show - TV Show 

This CBC sketch comedy may have returned for their third season last night but season four is getting filmed in Toronto this fall in Toronto. You can catch the hit series filming on Richmond Street west from September to December of 2018.

Coroner - TV Show 

This new upcoming CBC show is filming its first season on the streets of Toronto and is based on M.R. Hall's book The Coroner. The drama focuses on the life of Jenny Cooper, a new coroner investigating suspicious deaths on the streets of Toronto and is scheduled to start in the winter of 2019.

In The Dark - TV Show 

This new series will tell the story of a young blind woman who finds her best friend dead, left in an alleyway. She investigates his mysterious death after his body disappears in this drama and comedy, 

It: Chapter 2 - Movie 

Not only was the Stephen King's It filmed in Toronto, but they're also back this fall for the net chapter. The return of the horror movie not only has fans excited, but also the actor! All the leads were spotted out and about in the city together enjoying everything Toronto has to offer.

Jett - TV Show

This up and coming television series is all about crime. Daisy "Jett" Kowalski is forced back into crime after leaving prison by some pretty interesting crime lords looking to use her for their own benefit. 

Killjoys - TV Show

This SPACE channel original is coming back for a fourth season and is currently shooting in Toronto. Since this series has been shooting since January they're going to be wrapping up production in October. 

Murdoch Mysteries - TV Show 

This classic Canadian series is returning for their twelfth season this year and will be regularly filming across Ontario, including the city of Toronto. CBC has made this show a hit across the globe but you can catch them filming across the city until November. 

Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark - Movie 

All Canadian kids remember this horror book that scared us for weeks. Now it's being made into a movie coming out in 2019 and they're currently shooting in Toronto. The storyline focuses on a group of kids who have to face their worst nightmares in order to save their town. 

Star Trek: Discovery - TV Show

This show is set long before Captain Kirk ever stepped foot on the Enterprise and is filming in Toronto currently. This installment in the Star Trek franchise was received quite well after the first season and is currently shooting their second. 

Suits - TV Show 

After Meghan Markle announced her exit from Suits and therefore Toronto, people wondered how the show would carry on. Still, new cast members such as Katherine Heigl, the show continues to live on and is filming their eighth season in Toronto currently.

The Boys - Web series 

This upcoming superhero drama is based on a comic book by the same name and is based around a group of friends who are seeking justice. When superheroes go currupt due to their mass fame, The Boys hold them accountable. 

The Education of Frederick Fitzell - Movie 

This upcoming film is starring Dylan O'Brien playing Fred, who is your average 30-year-old man contemplating how his life could have played out. He starts to journey into these paths but we will know that all of them were filmed here in Toronto. 

The Expanse - TV Show 

The Expanse is another hit sci-fi show that's filming their fourth season in Toronto from September to December. The show is based on the plotline that humans have colonized the solar system and are fighting off conspiracies that threaten the survival of humanity as we know it.

The Hot Zone - Mini-Series

This up and coming mini-series shows the real-life effects of the Ebola virus when it threatened human survival in 1989. Not only is this interesting series being shot in Toronto, but will also be moving production to South Africa following their wrap on Canadian soil.

The October Faction - TV Show

While October Faction is a popular comic book, the new series will explore how Frederick Allan longs to put his monster hunting days behind him, when his children Geoff and Vivian insist they join the family business. This new series is set to be filming from September to December. 

Workin' Moms - TV Show

This CBC favourite is set to start filming season 3 this fall and will undoubtedly be as funny as ever. Workin' Moms will bring back both Kate and Anne for another season of having it all while putting up with the mayhem of being a working mom.

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