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A Live Mouse Was Found Inside A Loaf Of Bread At A No Frills Grocery Store In Ontario (PHOTO)

A picture of a live mouse crawling inside a loaf of bread has been posted onto Reddit.
A Live Mouse Was Found Inside A Loaf Of Bread At A No Frills Grocery Store In Ontario (PHOTO)

Update, November 9th 2018: Loblaws Just Responded To The Disturbing Photo Of A Live Mouse In No Frills Bread

A grocery shopper was in for an unexpected and horrific surprise yesterday, and we hope that no one has to ever experience the same thing. While shopping at a No Frills grocery store in Hamilton, Ontario, a person found a live mouse crawling in their loaf of bread. 

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Redditor 'massivecoiler' posted the absolutely disgusting encounter onto the platform. They shared a photo that shows a live mouse inside the plastic packaging and crawling over a loaf of bread. 

Check out the photo that was posted onto Reddit for yourself, and try not to get serious goosebumps. 

Via Reddit User massivecoiler

We honestly have so many questions about this encounter, but we're lowkey scared to know the answer. How did the mouse get inside the wrapped loaf of bread and how long has it been there? 

The post quickly blew up on Reddit. Since it was posted less than one day ago, it has gotten over 800 upvotes and more than 100 comments. You can check out the full Reddit thread here

Some people made jokes about shopping at No Frills in the comment section. Redditor KevZero commented, "Would this not count as a "frill"?" and it got 467 points. 

Others compared it to a recent viral photo taken at a Real Canadian Superstore also in Ontario, where unpackaged raw meat was placed directly on a metal shopping cart at a North York store location. One Redditor commented, "at least the meat is in a package now instead of directly touching the metal of the buggy". Another says, "Loblaws: 'we put unpackaged meat in grocery carts'. No Frills: 'hold my basket' ."

According to 'massivecoiler,' this encounter was the No Frills located at Tisdale and Main in Hamilton. Here's hoping no more critters are found crawling around food in grocery stores. 

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