A local potato is quickly becoming Toronto’s latest viral sensation. A thread on Reddit was fired up on Monday night after a user posted a picture of a potato which had mysteriously found its way onto the Bloor-Yonge subway tracks. The caption of the post was simple yet strangely intriguing with the user stating, “This potato has been on the tracks for a while now.” That little remark was all it took to inspire hundreds of local commuters to speculate on the pressing matter.

People were supposedly going out of their way to see the potato, extending their daily commutes just to catch a glimpse of the mysterious vegetable. “I have literally nothing on my docket for tomorrow, so I guess I'm going to go look at a potato in the subway,” wrote one user with another one quickly responding, “See ya there!” 

A few hours later, an update on the potato was posted showing the potato still thriving in his unusual habitat. However, as with any good thread, there was also a lot of debate about the small yellow orb, which some believed to be a lemon. One user even went as far as to claim responsibility for the fiasco.

Via ScholarOfTrivia | Reddit

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"That’s a lemon, and my brother in law is responsible for this! Edit- for context, he worked at the Carlu and was bringing some left-over lemons home, and one fell out of a bag, and the rest is history,” wrote the user.

Via Reddit

Obviously, it is hard to confirm whether or not this induvial is telling the truth or merely trying to take credit for the single greatest moment in Toronto-potato history - and sadly, we may never know.

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Anyone looking to feel a little connected to something bigger than themselves should stop by Bloor-Yonge station today and see if you can spot the little guy and decide for yourself whether it's a lemon or a spud. I’m sticking with team potato, but that’s just me.