A Magical Winter Light Festival Is Coming To Ontario Place

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...by the lake!! 😍
A Magical Winter Light Festival Is Coming To Ontario Place

Ontario Place has been upping its game recently, unveiling new projects like the much-anticipated Cinesphere theatre reopening last week, which drew crowds on opening night. 

But one of the most exciting things to come in the new plans and proposals for the revamped Ontario Place is the Winter Light Exhibition set to take place for the first time this winter! 

The Government of Ontario hasn't officially released any press releases about this upcoming event yet, like they did for the reopening of the Cinesphere, but if all goes according to plan, this Winter Light Exhibition and its accompanying thrills (like a new skating rink!) are set to open by late November. 

Ontario Place, however, did release an open call for submissions back in the summer, enlisting Ontario residents to submit any "lit" pieces that could be installed in the 2017 Winter Light Exhibition. 

According to the Ontario Place open call, the desired pieces for submission include illuminated sculptures that either "project light, shape light, transmit light, reflect light and/or contain light."

The posting on the Ontario Place website, which is now closed, also encouraged applicants to use unconventional materials and methods to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces to be used during the day and night in the magical winter wonderland coming to Ontario Place. 

The theme for this inaugural Winter Light Festival at Ontario Place is one that embraces nature and the natural elements already in Ontario Place. The open call posting asks artists to think of the "intricate ice sculptures crafted by Mother Nature herself" when searching for inspiration, which leads us to believe that this light show won't just be your traditional Christmas lights.

This massive, magical light show is set to take place from December 2017 to March 2018, meaning we can enjoy the remnants of Christmas well into the new year and the snow season! 

According to the proposal timeline, installation for the Winter Light Exhibition should begin this month in preparation next month's official opening. 

Source: Ontario Place 

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