If you’ve ever been on the TTC, or really just public transit in general, you’ve probably seen some really weird things every couple of months. 

But this may take the cake - or crab cakes in this case - on any story you have. 

Because someone actually brought real live crabs on the subway in Toronto, and that’s probably not even the best part of the story.  

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The best part is one woman’s heroic reaction to the crabs. 

According to a photo, and accompanying story posted on Facebook, a man brought 4 live crabs onto the subway and put them on the seats around him. Effectively blocking off all the seats surrounding him from being used by other passengers.  

A woman then came over and tried to sit down next to him but after seeing the crab screamed and walked away.  

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Now here’s where it gets fun. 

Then woman then came back and started screaming at the man, “what is this!? Crabs on the seats? So no one can sit down? All these people standing here are tired from working all day!” 

She then slapped the crabs off the seats, at least one of which landed in someone’s lap apparently, before storming off.  

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The man with the crabs then started yelling, “That’s crab assault man! She assaulted the crabs!” 

He then just apparently picked up the crabs and put them back on their seats as if nothing had happened. 

You can see the whole post below. It’s hilarious. 

Crabs on the TTC