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A Man Was Hit By A TTC Train Yesterday And People Are Horrified That There's A Video Of It Floating Around

A video of a man seriously injured by a train at Lawrence West subway station is causing concern.
A Man Was Hit By A TTC Train Yesterday And People Are Horrified That There's A Video Of It Floating Around

Right at the start of evening rush hour on Wednesday, Toronto Police announced that they were responding to a medical complaint at Lawrence West subway station. A man had reportedly been struck by a train and police described the injuries as serious. Subway service was immediately suspended between St. Clair West and Sheppard West as EMS workers tried to rescue him.

Since yesterday's incident, commuters have taken to social media to air out their frustrations with the chaos that inevitably ensued as a result of the service suspension. Lawrence West station immediately overflowed with a steady influx of commuters, as TTC workers scrambled to send shuttle buses. 

MEDICAL COMPLAINT: Lawrence West Subway Station -Man has been struck by train -Injuries are serious -EMS working on him now -Trains have been held @TTCnotices #GO2325639 ^dh

December 19, 2018

Line 1: No service between Sheppard West and St Clair West while we respond to an injury on the tracks. Customers can access GO trains from Union to Downsview Park.

December 19, 2018

One person revealed on Reddit - "lt took over half an hour to get a single shuttle bus to Sheppard west station. Another 20 for a second one. Then there was a huge stream of 10-15 all in a row a few minutes later."

But, what has people even more upset is the fact that there's reportedly video footage of the tragic incident floating around online.

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One Redditor reveals that the video shows the man "between the platform and the subway car". Contrary to what many people have speculated about the incident, the user also says that "it's clear it wasn't a suicide attempt."

But, several people have made it very clear that sharing the video on the forum will be flagged and taken down immediately. A verified user by the name of beef-supreme pinned this comment to the top of the thread - "Today there was a tragedy. Please do not post or direct anyone to pictures from the incident at track level. Thank you."

Meanwhile, plenty of people were sharing photos of yesterday's shuttle bus madness as a result of the delay, such as these ones on Imgur. This one shows what looks like a dozen shuttle buses lined up one after the other in the Eglinton West area:

Via Imgur

Just a few hours earlier, at around 12:30 PM, another injury at track level caused a major service shut down between Union and Bloor-Yonge. The injury reportedly took place at Wellesley station, but service resumed rather quickly.

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