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A Massive 200-Pound Pet Pig In Ontario Is Now Homeless And Desperately Needs A Temporary Owner

Bentley is homeless after an explosion destroyed his house.
A Massive 200-Pound Pet Pig In Ontario Is Now Homeless And Desperately Needs A Temporary Owner

When disaster strikes, we sometimes forget about the non-humans affected - like Bentley, a 200-pound pet pig who, as of today, is homeless. Bentley's owners were the victims of a house explosion in Whitby, Ontario yesterday and now he needs somewhere new to live. 

Bentley had been living in the backyard of a Whitby home up until yesterday when an explosion pretty much destroyed the place. The blast could be heard several blocks away and completely knocked out at least one wall of the home. 

#UPDATE: A woman who lived in the main floor of the home in Whitby is looking for someone to take in her pet pig, Bentley while her housing situation is sorted out.

November 8, 2018

Fortunately, Bentley and his owner were not injured in the blast. But three other people in the house were, including Jody Cormier who has also been arrested in relation to the incident. Cormier was found to be running some sort of drug-production and now faces charges of arson, criminal negligence, and charges under the Cannabis Act. 

As for Bentley, he wasn't injured in the attack but he now needs somewhere new to live. His owner and her seven-year-old daughter are currently looking for someone to take him in temporarily while they figure out their living situation. 

Bentley was originally thought to be a miniature pig but his owners quickly realized that was false when he just kept growing. Now he is over 200 pounds, which understandably makes housing him a bit tricky. 

To make matters even more complicated, Bentley's current living situation was most likely illegal. In the Town of Whitby, you are prohibited from keeping pigs or any livestock on a property that is less than 5 acres big. This property, which has now blown up in part, was not a farm. So if caught, his current owner could face a $100,000 fine. 

The investigation into the explosion is still ongoing. Building engineers have been called in to determine if the house is still structurally sound and safe to live in. In the meantime, Bentley and his owners are still trying to figure out where they're going to live. 

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

Source: CityNews

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