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A Massive Adult Playground Is Coming To Ontario And It's Just Like A Mini Las Vegas

Plans for the wide-scale development have officially been approved.
A Massive Adult Playground Is Coming To Ontario And It's Just Like A Mini Las Vegas

A wide-scale development planned for the Durham region aims to transform the area into a Vegas-like destination, complete with entertainment, cultural, tourist and commercial venues.

The project, called Durham Live, has recently received approval from the Ontario Municipal Board and will be moving forward with construction in its Pickering site, located at the northwest corner of Church and Bayly. With a hefty budget of $1.3 billion, the project hopes to make Durham a top tourist hub in the GTA.

Several exciting facilities are slated for development, including:

  • A world-class casino,
  • A year-round indoor waterpark,
  • A giant ampitheatre (capacity 16,000 people),
  • State-of-the-art cinemas,
  • A five-star restaurant strip,
  • Three luxury hotels,
  • A massive shopping mall,
  • A fitness scentre and spa,
  • A cozy botanical garden,
  • A film studio and and other venues.

The film studio is particularly gaining interest among creatives in Ontario who believe the province is in need of more studio space to accommodate for its recent boom in Hollywood film and television.

The entire project will be a collaboration between Pickering Developments, the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Durham Tourism, Pickering Tourism and the TRCA. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) will be involved as well; primarily in the decision regarding the location for the new casino.

But Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan is confident that Durham Live will thrive with or without the casino: “This isn’t just about a casino, it’s about a range of employment and tourism opportunities in an entertainment node that will benefit all of the region." Reports show that as many as 12,000 jobs will be created from Durham Live.

Stay tuned for later updates on this developing story.

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