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A Massive Indian Food Festival Is Happening In Toronto This Summer

Food festivals are always such a great time. Whether you like trying new things or always choose the same thing, food festivals give you ca chance to explore new flavours. Toronto is super lucky when it comes to festivals, from beer festival to burger festival to Italian food festival to bubble tea festival, we are seriously spoilt for choice!

It's time to add another festival to your summer plans! Indian food has to be one of the most flavourful cuisines in the world. Whether you love butter chicken, tandoori chicken, naan, or enjoy delicious gulab jamuns, the list of tasty meals just goes on! This festival is sure to leave you satisfied.

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Taste of India Food Festival is coming to Toronto and we can't wait! The event is completely free to enter and perfect for a summer day. There will be so many vendors serving up delicious food at the event. Every vendor will be selling a sample plate of their most popular dishes for less than $10 each (bless). There will be over one hundred different Indian foods you can try, you will truly be in a foodie heaven.

 The festival will showcase food and festivities, which bring out rich cultures, tastes and traditions from the diverse states of India. This festival will cater to all five of your senses. Visually you’ll be treated to vibrant colours, there will be interactive street performers and activities that allow you to touch the fun, you’ll hear amazing music, your taste buds will be impressed by amazing flavours, and you’ll be surrounded by all the yummy smells of the tasty street food.

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The festival is a fusion between a joyful celebration and bustling bazaar. It's a place where food vendors and restaurants will showcase everything they have to offer leaving everyone with a smile on their face. It's time to grab your friends to take your tastebuds on a delicious trip through yummy foods. From traditional Indian desserts to unbelievable meals, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating your food. Some of the many vendors going to the festival include: 

  • Adrak Indian Restaurant& Bar
  • Aanch
  • Bombay Chowpatty
  • Desilicious Kulfi Lactose Free Kulfi Ice Cream
  • Firangi

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Taste of India Food Festival will be on August 5th at Nathan Phillips Square. The festival will be open from 10 am to 10 pm, so you have plenty of time to head here during your day. For more information about the festival, be sure to visit their website here

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