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A Massive Open Street Festival This Weekend Is Shutting Down Toronto’s Busiest Roads

The festival transforms the city into a pedestrian park!
A Massive Open Street Festival This Weekend Is Shutting Down Toronto’s Busiest Roads

Toronto's monthly Open Streets festival is coming back to the city this month, transforming downtown areas into free recreational spaces. 

The event brings all sorts of fun events to Toronto like a dog walk, a huge yoga outdoor event, and despite the name, a number of street closures. 

Open Streets takes place this Sunday, September 16th. Over three kilometres of Bloor Street between Montrose and Sherbourne, as well as a two-kilometre stretch of Yonge Street between Queen and Bloor, will be closed during the day from 10 am to 2 pm. 

While no vehicle traffic will be moving through the area, lots of foot traffic will. Over 60, 000 people attended the festival last month to take advantage of the open city space and get involved in the different activities going on. 

Among the various activities, you can try out giant Jenga, folk dancing lessons, and other fitness classes, enjoy music from the Royal Conservatory or bring your dog for a massive Toronto-wide Dog Walk. 

One of the most popular events of the festival is a mass participation yoga event, taking place at Yonge and Bloor. About 5000 square feet of the city will be covered in sod for a pop-up park to promote green spaces in urban centres. 

Open Streets also encourages businesses along Bloor and Yonge to get involved in the festival and bring their business out onto the streets for festival-goers to enjoy. 

The festival runs all morning and into the early afternoon on Sunday, September 16. The road closures will also affect TTC lines, like the Queen and Spadina streetcars. To read all about Open Streets TO, check out their official website.

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