In this day and age, a lot of people are wanting a home office so they can do their dream job without having to actually go out and commute somewhere. Well if your dream job happens to pay millions of dollars, this modern mansion in Toronto could have the home office of your dreams. 

The house is located on Clinton Street, near Bathurst and Dufferin, in Toronto's Little Italy neighbourhood. Of course, it's not your average house. For starters, the modern architecture gives this house a unique box shape. 

What makes it even more unique is that it isn't the only building on the property. According to the listing on REW, "Just behind the house is the 4000sq.ft building with office space at the back, middle work/studio space, and 2 beautiful work studios..." 

Forget a home office, you could run multiple businesses out of there. 

As if that's not enough to be your dream home office, the works spaces are also complete with kitchens so you can load up on coffee and also have somewhere to enjoy your lunch. 

They also have bathrooms, so you wouldn't have to worry about trekking back to the main house for bathroom breaks. 

A Mansion In Toronto With Huge Office Space Is On The Market For $7.6 Million

The offices are all super modern. One of the back office spaces is complete with glass walls that give off major "start-up" vibes. 

The other two office spaces are also super modern and have an industrial vibe, with their metalwork and wide-open concept.

They each have their own kitchens too. 

The studio/workspace, is pretty much what you'd expect and kind of looks like a garage but it could be useful for storage or a business that involves some manual labour. 

Of course, there's also the house itself. 

The building is actually divided into three different apartments. According to the listing, they are "Two-bedroom units, approx. 900 [square feet] each, all with their own laundry." 

With all of this space and what seems like countless kitchens, especially with the offices in the back, it's unlikely that one person would be living here on their own. 

That's where the rental income comes in. 

According to REW, the house could be rented for a total of $7,300/month while the offices out back could bring in $15,200/month. 

While that's a huge sum of cash coming in, you've got to spend money to make money. This property is currently listed for nearly $7.7 million. 

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