A Neighbourhood In The GTA Just Completely Banned Smoking Marijuana In Public

Markham, Ontario has now banned smoked weed in public.
A Neighbourhood In The GTA Just Completely Banned Smoking Marijuana In Public

If you're looking to light up on the streets tomorrow after weed is legalized, think twice before doing it in this Greater Toronto Area neighbourhood. Markham has just completely banned smoking weed in public, even after it is legal. 

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People in the neighbourhood of Markham will only be allowed to smoke in their private homes. That means you won't be able to light up a joint in parks, streets or public spaces in Markham. 

This bylaw comes after every member of Markham’s city council voted to ban weed use in public in the neighbourhood, according to CTV News. They voted Tuesday morning on October 16th, a day before weed is legalized in the country. It contrasts the decision on smoking weed in public of the provincial government in Ontario, which let people smoke weed in the same places that smoking cigarettes is permitted. 

Not only will there be no smoking weed in public, but the city council has also rejected the government's proposal to have private retail stores in the neighbourhood. 

Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti told CTV News that their decision was impacted by feedback from concerned residents. "They were concerned about the exposure of kids, going out into the community, people walking through their neighbourhoods with their elderly parents and having to deal with people that might be smoking cannabis on the street, with the nuisance factor of the smell," said Scarpitti.

So if you are looking to smoke weed in the streets of Toronto starting tomorrow, October 17, it's probably best to steer clear of this neighbourhood. Markham is located in the Municipality of York of the Greater Toronto Area. 

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