There's no doubt that Uber is taking over. The ride share service is undeniably convenient; however, there are still several people (including Uber drivers themselves) who still question the safety of the service.

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One former Uber driver decided to create an alternative option to Uber that caters just to women. The new app is called Chariot For Women and it will be launching on April 19 of this year.

The service provides rides for only women (or males under the age of 13), by women drivers in attempt to decrease the number of sexual assault incidents that are typically seen with Uber.

Chariot For Women has also stated that it will only hire women drivers that undergo intensive background checks. "Safe words" will also be sent to passengers, and the driver can only begin the ride if she knows the right safe word.

Even more, 2% of every fare will be donated to women-focused charities that the passenger can choose from. Chariot For Women sounds like a great option for women! What do you guys think? Leave a comment below!

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