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A New Women's Only Workspace Just Opened In Toronto And It's Actually Stunning

When life gives you bad wifi, make lemonade!
A New Women's Only Workspace Just Opened In Toronto And It's Actually Stunning

If you're a freelancer or you're self-employed, you understand the struggle of never having a concrete workspace. Spending your days working from random coffee shops, struggling to find a seat next to a power outlet, and battling with dodgy wifi.

But now thanks to a new design-forward workspace for women, these frustrating days can thankfully be behind you. 

Introducing Make Lemonadea newly launched shared workspace that's on a mission to create a thriving community of driven women in all fields of business. Not to mention it's easily the beautiful workspace you'll ever see.

Located in Toronto's downtown core at 326 Adelaide Street West, the 3,000sq. ft. space is absolutely beautiful. Seriously, it's what Instagram aesthetic dreams are made of.

The walls are decked out with murals, palm print wallpaper, and colourful accents, providing all workers the inspiration they need to get their creative juices flowing.

The space comes with plenty of workspaces equipped with everything you could possibly need to complete a day of work including desks and phone booths to a private boardroom and a killer kitchen AND an indoor patio. Not to mention, unlimited tea and coffee. 

While the concept is 'women's only', Make Lemonade is thrilled to welcome your male-identified colleagues for meetings and events. But that's not all, Make Lemonade is committed to treating all people with fairness and welcomes people of all backgrounds.

Members will also have access to a calendar of weekly events ranging from speaker series to cocktail hour, as well as a range of services

For those interested in joining Make Lemonade, you can book a tour and see this stunning space in person. 

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