Hands up, who wants to win a big massive chunk of money in the lottery? Everyone? We thought so.

Well unlike the rest of us, a man from Chatham, Ontario did manage to win $6 million dollars in the lottery earlier this year.

The thing is his girlfriend laid claim to half the money, something he didn’t want and now he’s suing the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) over the case. 


Maurice Thibeault won a $6.1 million jackpot in a 6/49 game last year. His now ex-girlfriend says the pair regularly bought tickets together and agreed to split the money if they won.

His ex-girlfriend also says that she came home from work one day to discover that Thibeault had moved all his possessions out of the home they shared. Before that Thibeault also told her their lottery ticket had lost, she alleges. 

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So far Thibeault has only been able to claim half of the $6.1 million prize, the rest is being held aside pending the legal dispute between him and his ex.

Thibeault clearly doesn’t like how all of this has turned out and now is suing the gaming corporation for a total of $825,000. 

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The first part of his lawsuit is for $250,000 in damages from the AGCO for “negligent investigation, tortious interference in contractual relations, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of statutory duty.”

He also wants $500,000 for punitive damages and another $75,000 on top of that for special damages, that includes the costs of his lawyers against his ex-girlfriend and the legal fees for the action against the AGCO.

So as you can tell this whole thing is pretty messy. 

Source: Toronto Sun