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A Rare Black Moon Will Be In The Sky In Toronto Tonight

Cool science is cool.
A Rare Black Moon Will Be In The Sky In Toronto Tonight

Tonight, a rare black moon will be in the skies.

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A black moon occurs when the side of the moon that gets hit by sunlight faces away from earth. As a result, the dark side of the moon ends up facing the earth, causing it to blend in with the surrounding black skies. This means you'll won't really be able to see it, but a moonless sky also sets up the opportunity for stars to be more visible.

It represents the second moon in a calendar month, and it only happens every so often. The last black moon occurred in March 2014, and after the one tonight (at 8:11 PM or so), the next one won't be until July 2019.

It's the perfect way to say hello to October and the upcoming Halloween season, since there are quite a few mystical legends associated with a black moon. For example, in the Wiccan religion, it is believed that spells that are cast during a black moon are more powerful than usual.

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