Here's something to look forward to this August - a massive meteor shower will be visible across the skies in Ontario this month, and it's definitely something worth saving the date for in your calendars.

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The Perseid Meteor Shower has arrived, and it will produce approximately 80 meteors per hour with over 200 meteors in total. The spectacle is produced by Comet Swift-Tuttle, the largest known object known to repeatedly pass by Earth. NASA experts predict that the meteor shower will peak around 1 pm on August 12, meaning that the nights before and after that date should provide good visibility for the celestial show.

This year, meteors may be harder to see due to the presence of a three-quarter-full moon that will rise shortly before the shower hits its peak. To increase your chances of seeing more meteors, you can head out to a dark sky reserve in the province.

You can also visit towns that are away from the city pollution to get a better view of the meteor shower. For example, meteors are expected to be in sharp view in the skies of Chatham-Kent.

Though the shower will peak on August 12, the entire spectacle will continue to run from the beginning of the month to the 24th.