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This Savage Squirrel Caused Complete Chaos In Ontario This Week And The Story Is Nuts

The mischievous critter damaged a transformer in a totally different town.
This Savage Squirrel Caused Complete Chaos In Ontario This Week And The Story Is Nuts

What do you get when you cross a squirrel and a power transformer? A massive blackout, apparently. As it turns out, a pesky little squirrel left 11,000 homes and businesses without power for seven hours in the town of Stouffville over the weekend.

The weirdest part? The squirrel was in Newmarket.

Via American Public Power Association | Unsplash

The mischievous little critter was just chilling in the town north of Toronto when he clearly decided to inconvenience an entire town’s Sunday evening. It was September 9th at 4:45 pm when brownouts began to occur, which eventually lead to a full-on blackout.

Restaurants and other businesses were forced to shut down around town and residents surely missed their Sunday night television shows. According to Hydro One, it was all caused by a little squirrel that had somehow damaged the Armitage transformer located in Newmarket.

To get power back to the town as quickly as possible, crews performed a staged power restoration using alternative routes to bring electricity back to homes. Hydro One was working at the transformer yesterday to determine just how much damage the little creature managed to do.

A July blackout in London, Ontario has me wondering if this is some sort of squirrel conspiracy. One of the critters there got into one of the town’s transformer stations and knocked out power to around 12,000 homes.

Power outages in the downtown and south #LdnOnt this morning. Lots of stop lights that are now four way stops! Leave yourself extra time to get to work.

July 12, 2018

The outage caused traffic delays in the middle of morning rush hour due to downed traffic lights. Luckily, this outage only lasted 15 minutes.

Dear critters: Enough with these squirrelly shenanigans! You guys are nuts.

Source: York RegionThe London Free Press

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