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A Steakhouse Opened Up In Casa Loma And It's Actually Beautiful

Add this to your foodie bucket list.

While it might feel like steakhouses are a dime a dozen in Toronto, there's a new steakhouse in town that's putting everyone to shame.

Torontonians can now dine like royalty at Liberty Entertainment Group's newest locale Blue Blood, a swanky steakhouse located in the city’s most well-known heritage property, Casa Loma. 

Offering foodies a refined dining experience in an upscale environment, Blueblood steakhouse is a refreshingly modern take on the classic steakhouse experience. 

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Seriously, you won't feel like you're dining at a traditional steak joint. First of all, the walls are decked out with modern art pieces by Andy Warhol, Mr. Brainwash, and Salvador Dali. 

Not to mention the dining rooms are filled with unique heirloom antiques that are worthy of being in the Smithsonian. There's even a floor-to-ceiling Veuve Clicquot display case that's out of this world. 

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The food, of course, is as beautiful as the decor and the menu highlights various cuts of the finest beef from around the world, an extensive international wine and spirit list, as well as a seriously impressive seafood tower that could feed a small village.

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Located at 1 Austin Terrace, the dining experience at Bluebloods Steakhouse will be unlike anything you've ever experienced before. 

Add Bluebloods to your Toronto foodie bucket list and make a dinner reservation ASAP.